Jewish funeral information?

I am attending a jewish funeral this week, I don't know the jewish stance on the "afterlife" or if they even believe in one. I know there also many levels of judiasm.
Also if you know any information about funeral customs or sitting shiva, I would be appreciative.


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  • For shiva, its immediately after the burial. It can last a week long. The family of the dead person meets in one house and visitors pay their condolences. You don't have to go everyday of the week. The family holds it for a week, they mourn together for that week or few days.

    I am Jewish, and when my grandpa died, my grandma only chose to hold it for a day. It differs from family to family.

    Judaism does believe in an afterlife, but we don't stress on it. In Judaism, Jewish people focus on life while alive.

  • At a Jewish funeral the casket is only open for the immediate family and for the rest of the time it is kept closed. There will be reading and prayers in English and Hebrew. At the grave the headstone will be kept covered until a year later at the unveiling ceremony. At that time everyone places a pebble on the headstone. At the Shiva it is a sad occasion of course but do not be surprised to see people talking and laughing. It is about remembering the person. There will be tears and probably fond memories shared.

    • Also it is common for everyone to bring some sort of food for the Shiva. Fruit salad or dessert. Ask one of the mourners what you can do to help.

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