What are the some of your life time cherishable funny/embarrassing/sad/sweet memory?

It's life. Time passes and people changes but memories not. What are your life long cherishing memories of your teenage time?
It can be any sad/funny/first kiss/first bonner/first period and what not..


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  • Hmm let's see, I would say my cherishable moments as a teen were hanging w/ my friends, participating in school activities like choir, theatre, & basketball, going to school dances, swimming all day in the summers, then kicking back watching movies & playing games with friends. :)

    • Wow. So beautiful. You really lived life back then.

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    • Wish, we can be reach others followers and advisors and friends?

    • I don't understand ur question but i think u said u wish other people, friends, & etc could reply to ur question. But Yeah i agree, I don't like how the website closes the questions, so no other followers can write.

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