I think deep down everyone will agree with this, not now maybe but someday we will agree with this. ?

Feel free to express your thoughts as well.


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  • this is just hypocrisy... most rich people say "money dont make u happy" i never heared that from a poor guy.
    Well having money itsself makes not happy, but what you can do with it does...

    • you are right, but you do agree to this that there are somethings that you cannot buy, like love, friendships i know these things are very easy for some people to have but for some people they can't have. and there are some disorders and mental illness that have no cure so money can't either fix this.

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    • if you are mental ill... pay a good psychologist to help you. and "beeing loved for who i really am" is just the same pseudo crap like "money is not all" and its only come from rich people... i never heard something like that from a normal guy...

    • your right but there are some mental illness and disorders that dont have any cure, and no psychologist or any one can help you with that, and im a normal guy and i really want to be loved for who i am and believe me im not even close to being rich.

  • Who needs fame? If I ever achieved these guys' level of income, I would just invest the hell out of it and spend time doing my various passions.

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