I do nothing on my spare time. What should I do?

I literally do nothing productive on my spare time. I sit on a computer, switch to my phone, switch back to computer etc. And then I eat. I don't work out or have hobbies. My friends are busy and don't live very near so I can't meet them everyday.

I feel like one big problem is that I have no discipline. I can't make myself workout becajse it is uncomfortable though I want to get in shape.
Other problem being that I hate failing. I stopped drawing years ago and I immediately get irritated I'm not great at something.

Have any of you shared same feeling? How can I get myself do things?


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  • do you have money to spare?

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    • Thst would be nice. But how can I make myself do it. I always think "maybe later".

    • will it. thats the only way.

  • I feel like crap if I do nothing. Work out, read, do something u know

  • I just put music on to get in the right move and start to workout in my room


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