If there is no light without darkness is my being a bad person justified?

I make other people look great. But it comes at a terrible price. I am willing to be the jerk we all need in order to make you look like thoughtful and awe-inspiring heroes.

  • Thank you for being a jerk!
  • ... (un?) thank you for being a jerk?
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  • You assume people can't find their own darkness? You have to help them out? That's stupid. The world is chalked fucking full of darkness.

    Look, you dont plan on getting your act together and treating people like a human being, that's just fucking great. But please, lets not pretend that your willingness to be a jerk is anything other than the selfish indulgence of your own desire to just generally be bad to people for w/e purpose you have come up with for doing so.

    You're not a shadow on a bright day. You're a black speck of dirt in darkened room. And you apparently dont care to be the tiny spark of light.


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  • What exactly do you do that makes you a jerk and how does it make others appear thoughtful?

    • I simple answers to "complex" problems. Any answer that goes beyond that is instantly elevated to "giving a shit" status. Pretty interesting stuff how comparisons work. Blah blah economic principles and cognitive biases.

      That and in real life I give credit for my work to others. It's cruel in its own way.

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    • As for money, you could consider it "both", and the hypothetical point is simply when your needs are met and money loses all value. If we were to take money for what it is, a fiat currency representing resource allocation, when you don't need more resources money begins to lose it's value, but meeting your needs is more intense than most people think. The primary needs, food, water, and shelter is often all that is considered but the secondary needs of entertainment, personal growth, and exploration must be considered as well. But they are all manageable and shift between persons in value so when all is met money is worthless because there are no gains from resource allocation to that person.

      There is no "number". There is simply a state. The happier you are with less the quicker you achieve that state, I suppose.

    • Fair point.

      Is this just for leading or do you think in general, average intelligence is more of a blessing than above average intelligence? Or does it depend on what extent you deviate from the norm? Like maybe slightly above is better than average which is better than significantly above?

      Also I still can't see how anxiety is a good leadership trait. Maybe an average amount, but you need to be able to work through it and appear calm and confident so that everyone else had faith in you.

      "The happier you are with less the quicker you achieve that state"
      Sounds accurate to me..