If you had the option to be turned into the opposite sex for a few days, would you do it?

Like become a man or women for a week or a few days, just so you could understand how the opposite sex thinks & feels.

I know we often don't understand things about the
opposite sex but what if you had the opportunity to be in there shoes & get that understanding, would u do it? Also, do you think you would learn anything or get any of your questions answered from the experience?


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  • This is an awesome question, I'd definitely be willing to experience walking in a woman's shoes for a bit. I think as a man, most of what I was brought up learning about the opposite sex was mostly bs and it took years for me to truly understand women. It would be great to understand it in such a intimate way.

    • Aww thank you, I appreciate it. :) yes i agree cuz there are so many times when u think u understand them but then u learn u don't lol.

    • Thank u again for taking the time to answer my question, it was a great answer. :)

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  • Sure why not!! Would be totally weird walking around with the dangle, but after a bit I am sure I would adjust, or find some way to secure it. I am sure I would learn a lot from my time as a dude.

    • Hahaha "dangle", sorry I just found that hilarious! Okay cool, yeah It would definitely be a learning experience. :) lol

    • Thanks again for ur answerin my question, it was a grrat one & made me laugh :)

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