Anybody else see the video of the trump manager grabbing the reporter?

i personally think the video makes the reporter out to be a liar and whatever trumps staff did was well within reason. he's a presidental canidate and you can't just run up to him and touch him yelling things in his face. if anything she should be charged. this would be like people jumping the white house fence and being upset that they were tackled by cops.

  • trumps staff was in the wrong and is an abusive asshat
  • this is just an entitled little girl who likes to make up stories.
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  • The reporter is a liar. She wasn't violently grabbed and thrown down. She was moved away from Mr. Trump because she was grabbing him. The worst thing is that Corey lied about grabbing her and then slammed her on Twitter. If he hadn't lied, there would be no charges.

    • i dont see it as he lied i see it as this was such and insignificant few seconds in getting trump out of the building that it didn't even register as a memory. likely never even saw her face. so the only person that i see who actually lied was her. to me he simply didn't recall.

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    • she clearly is delusional. this will just make people like trump more for not bowing down to sjws and pc culture. its time we start calling crazy bitches out on being crazy bitches.

    • It certainly made me like Trump even more than I already do.

  • If that's a crime punishable by up to a year in prison we are going to need a lot more prisons.