Transgenders, if Gender is solely determined by whichever one you "identify" as, then why do you keep talking about "the gender I was *born* with"?

How can a baby identify as *anything*?


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  • They differ between gender, which is the social construct and assigned sex, which is what you are born with. So your assigned sex is male, since you are born a man and your gender is male, because you were "taught" to be/act male.

    • I'm aware of that (probably more than you are, actually: )

      But I'm confused as to why these people claim to simply transition from the gender *they were born as*. You aren't born with a gender, and sex is a fixed biological fact no matter what the person says.

    • Okay, I understand our question.
      Maybe they just have problems finding the right words and precisely expressing themselves. So the confusion/contradiction stems from a linguistic problem, as they probably confuse the terms sex and gender and mix them up, or just fail to realise the difference between both terms.

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