Racist parents? More help please?

Recently I posted this question,


since then, I lied to my parents and told them I was going to my friends house. But I actually went out on a date with him.

He very much likes me, and I like him a whole lot. Not enough to lose my relationship with my parents over though.

After the date, my parents found out from a family friend who saw us on our date (I wasn't sneaky enough)
And since then I've been grounded,

My parents have repeatedly told me I make them sick, and that it feels like I've slapped them in the face.

I understand why I'm grounded for lying, but its been clearly expressed I'm being punished because he's black and not white.

My parents are threatening to sell my car, disown me, and make my life "a living hell"

I don't know what to do excepte to kill them with kindness and to just to agree to their statements to make them happy, and so I can get my phone back.

I'm really struggling with the fact my parents are pushing me away, I've always been extremely close to them, and the rest of my family, they've turned my aunt and my grandma against me and I feel very alone. I have no way to talk to anyone besides at school, and I feel bad putting all my family drama on to my friends, I refuse to tell the boy why my parents are actually punishing me, because its not fair to him that my parents don't like his skin color. I've been struggling emotionally for a long time now, and it was starting to get better, partly because of this boy, and now my parents are pushing me away and are also pushing me in to a hole. What do I do with my parents?

And also,

What do I do in the future? I really care a


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  • Just hang in there until you're 18. Then you will be an adult free spirit that can decide on your own destiny. It's completely up to you what you do and how you di it.

    The only down side is if you're still living at home. You may have to remain constrained by their rules, no matter how unfair they are.

    My attitude is that if my parents were to treat me like that, I would eventually disown THEM. Maybe point out to them that you will be leaving home one day and they will not be able to control you. It will be up to them to earn YOUR respect.


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  • I really admire you for standing strong and not succumbing to the ignorance and hate your parents have running through their veins.
    However, since you are a minor living under their home and rules you have to abide by what they say for the time-being until you get a place of your own.
    I know this sucks.
    But ultimately, your voice will be drowned trying to go against them because they maintain all of the power to make your life a living hell.
    When you move out, live your life the way you want to.
    Love is a beautiful thing and sees no shade of skin.


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  • That's a tough spot to be in. You don't have to agree with your parents but you should try to keep the peace as wrong as they are. Some times it's best to sacrifice something short term for the overall good, maybe cool it with the guy until you are out of the house and independent? Good luck !!!

    • Maybe,
      Thanks for the help :)

  • I agree with your parents.
    If my daughter had looked outside of her race there would have been a world of trouble.


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