I did something terrible. Help me out?

I had to take pills for a throat infection and I got distracted by my phone and put the pill in my mouth. And now I've got this terrible taste of the pill in my mouth. This seems minor but, it isn't! I tried drinking water, brushing, coffee, fruit. Nothing works!


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  • Thoroughly mix raw liver, jalapeรฑo peppers and toothpaste in blender, then drink slowly, favoring the essence. Vomit four times and you'll be right back to normal.

  • Get some strong menthol sweets like Halls? They pretty much mask anything else.

  • you have to swallow some toothpaste, it works every time.
    then gargle with toothpaste water, and relly let it get to the back of your throat and swallow a bit before spitting. THEN drink a little bit of toothpaste with water.

    Garglin will help and always swallow a bit of the gargle.

    Not my idea, stolen from the internet, but I still recommend trying it

    • *Clears throat*
      You* Then* (relly?) Then* toothpaste mixed with water* Gargling* bit of the solution* I'm not going to point out the punctuations. =)

      I'm not exactly going to do all that in the order you asked me to. But thank you, anyway. =)

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    • Immediately hit send without checking it. One of my many flaws ๐Ÿ˜Š It's like a bad habit

    • I'm only messing with ya!

  • Try citrus like a lemon or a lime.


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