So I bought a reed diffuser... How does it work?

I already took it out and but the reed in it.


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  • Basically, the oil seeps up into the reeds, and then as air moves on the room, th scent is spread. They are actually quite nice, I've had a few reed diffusers in the past and they have worked really well. They work best in high traffic areas so that the scent is moving around.

    I currently don't have one. I'm into wax burners and candles again. I go through phases. But reed diffusers are a good option for a place you want smelling nice but don't want to have to keep checking on to see if you put the candle out or turned off the wax burner. I had mine in my bathroom and it was so lovely!

    • Okay good! Yeah I clean my room and I put near my bed. Its smell like ocean. haha! So is reed a plant?

    • Yea, it's basically a dried plant. The diffuser oil goes up the reed and as the air moves around it it spreads the scent.

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  • Those basically non burning inscent things?
    The wood sucks up the oil and the scent is put into the air.

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