Can you try and help me?

Okay so I'm pretty sure my best friend is sleep deprived and also in starvation mode right now because he rufeses to eat or sleep.
But last night he said to me that he was afraid because he keeps seeing these halusanations of people
and hearing things talking.
but also when he go's to sleep he feels like he's being hurt phycially.. like being rocked etc.
and he's scared to go to sleep for those exact reasons.
it's happend to him before though when he was 12-13..
can anyone relate and if so tell me what it is and what helps?


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  • yes it is a well known syndrome... not exactly a syndrome : D... he shout see a physician not a therapist... and i know the exact medicine but i forgot its name
    and i know peole.. close people who had get better... but this is temporary once he stop talking it he will back again
    its name was something like doplax


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  • Hallucinations and hearing things talking?

    Well, then he needs to see a psychiatrist in that case.

  • sounds like Schizophrenia. He needs to seek medical attention before her hurts himself or others. They will give him meds to lower his dopamine levels


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