I'm a shallow guy and looks are important for me so can I?

I was thinking of asking this girl I got to know recently if it's OK to get a picture of her without make up before we met up in case I'm disappointed it won't be waste of time for both of us.

Should I ask this of her and how do. you think she would react?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • So waitwaitwaitwait lemme get this straight, here.

    You (supposedly) place this hyooooge premium on looks... and yet you can't even guess what a girl would look like without make-up.

    Uh... really dude?

    You SURE you place a huge premium on looks?


    I mean, that's kinda like saying you're a huge foodie, but, put a little bit of sauce on something and you have NO CLUE what it tastes like.
    You get me.

    If I were you, I would re-think whether yr stated priorities are actually yr real priorities, because, tbh, you kinda look like a big ol' fool right now. And not just the April kind, either.
    Like, seriously, if you just look at a bunch of pictures of faces with vs. without make-up on the internet, it should take you all of 15 minutes to develop an eye for this. Maybe half an hour, if you are REALLY not a visual person.

    I mean, mb yr girl is just AWESOME at make-up tho...

    • I got that eye but sometimes the mental image isn't that accurate to VS reality i get your point this type of question wouldn`t be p[possible to ask 8 years back without coming across as super rude but know its normal because whole society has become superficial

    • But, that's what I mean. It isn't that difficult to develop an intuition that's close to the reality.

      Seriously, though... who cares?
      If you like what you see the way she normally presents herself, why would you give shit #1 what she looks like the way she DOESN'T normally present herself?

      I mean... again, if you asked this question, it wouldn't really seem to reflect _anything_ about whether you are "superficial" or not.
      It really wouldn't do anything other than just make you look really, really stupid. I promise you. Don't do it.

Most Helpful Guy

  • As this is important to you, you should be honest and ask for the unmake-up photo.

    Her reaction will tell you all you need to know, about if you should proceed with a date.

    I personally can not knock you, at least you know and acknowledge you are shallow.

    I can relate to wanting to see her without make-up, make-up can hide a lot of sin. I know a few women that if you meet them without the make-up on, you would not know it was the same girl you had been chatting up at the club the night before.


What Girls Said 3

  • I understand your issue but that could go two of both ways. 1. She gets annoyed and cancels. Some girls are die hard makeup fans and you won't ever catch them out of the house without makeup. 2. She does through but that depends on the type she is. All the best tho

  • Just don't ask bro 👌🏼

  • Ask her.


What Guys Said 3

  • Damn man that is another level of shallow. Sure looks are important but that is just ridiculous. Dont ask her she will reject you right away. Its like her asking for you dick size and saying if its not big enough i am not even dating you. Just try dating her and if you are disgusted about how she lookss and if you are truly that shallow you can dump her. But even then dont tell her it is because you find her ugly. No sense in destroying someone's self confidence for no reason.

    • Dates cost money and time but I was thinking of asking in a nice way

  • Mate you're looking through the wrong end of the telescope. No girls going to like you with that attitude. It's bad in a woman, it's disgusting in a man.

  • Offer to send her a photo of your penis so she can decide whether or not you are too small. Fair is fair, right?

    • If she asks I have no trouble

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