Any other diesel owners out there?

Just picked up my second diesel truck, love it!
Any other diesel fans?


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  • Not exactly diesel trucks. But i do prefer the torque and smoothness of a diesel. And the improved fuel economy isn't half bad either.

  • did they ever fix the injector problems in the ford 6.0 or is everyone still having problems.

    • There are preventative fixes, but with all diesels will need injectors sooner or later, the injectors on my old 7.3 just went- hence the 6.0.
      Seems the key to the 6.0 is careful maintenance, all diesels will have problems if negelcted.

    • what i have learned as a diesel mechanic is the bio-diesel blend has a lot to do with it. i have had to change more injector o-rings because the bio eats the rubber o-rings. also the bio seems to cleans out the fuel system on old trucks. we couldnt keep fuel filters in any of the trucks when they first went to it