Why do people think negatively even though they know that it's bad?

Negative thoughts doesn't have any use for people. Because it just makes people sad, worried, disappointed, etc. People know that it has no use, but still why do they think negatively? Why would people hurt themselves even though they know it could kill them in the process / in the end?

That doesn't make sense to me. I hope you guys could help me.


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  • Negative thoughts actually do have their use. More often than not life DOES require you to be worried and what not - how else will you deal with stuff if you just pass it over because you're afraid of "being sad"?

  • you are right, i think everyone needs to be a optimist but i myself is a negative perosn most of the times. its because my past and my life experience i had was full of hatred, scary and bad. and bad things happen to me often thats why i think i can't be a optimist.


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