What would you think if someone is mean but then nice under another username?

Let's say you've argued with this person online for a long time and they hate you.

Then suddenly someone with another username is nice to you and you talked with them for a whole. You then find out it's the same person that's been trashing you.

I just found out recently that both of the usernames are the same person and in my opinion, someone like that must be crazy.

I'm kind of shocked to be honest. Why would they be mean and then nice under a hidden username?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Are you calling me crazy?

    • I now think of him as both crazy and weirdo.

    • The one thing that is fun on the internet is being friends and enemies simultaneously with everyone. To have one chat box open and insult someone and then console that very someone from your insults is... funny.

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's weird lol who is it? Haha

    • Apparently some jerk online who I never got along with. Now, my opinion about him changed from a jerk to a total weirdo.

What Guys Said 1

  • sounds a little off balance... split personalities... how did you become acquainted with person 1 and person 2 and how did you find out it was the same person?

    • We met at a yahoo playing site. We never got along and he would always called me names and vice-versa (one time he really turned nasty to the point someone had to tell him to stop).

      Then there used to be this nice person. I found out because one day by accident when I caught him chatting with someone else and he said his name. Then he admitted that yes, it was him the whole time.

    • oh gotcha, creepy... yea no... that's a good reason to avoid him...

What Girls Said 1

  • Was it on gag? Because they are psycho and obsessed with you

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