Who else is going to abandon GOP in protest if Donald Trump doesn't get the nomination?

Donald Trump currently has the majority of delegates needed to secure the nomination, but theirs a chance the GOP won't give it to him even if he gets all the required delegates, the only fair thing to do would be to give the majority holder the nomination, but he's had a rocky relationship with the GOP. If he gets the required amount and doesn't get the nomination I'm going to resign and go Democrat in protest.


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  • I probably won't GOP again if Trump is cheated out of the nomination--that is, unless Rand Paul runs again.


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  • 1,237 delegates constitutes a majority of the Republican delegates and is the required number for getting the nomination. So while Trump is the definite leader in delegates earned at this point he doesn't yet have a majority. He has a plurality (meaning he has more than anyone else). That's a crucial difference. There's no doubt that people in the GOP are concocting schemes to deny him the nomination any way they can. One way would be to repeal Rule 40 of the RNC convention rules. Under Rule 40 no candidate can receive the nomination unless they've won a majority of the popular vote in at least 8 states. Trump obviously meets this threshold as does Ted Cruz. But the GOP elites despise Cruz almost as much as they do Trump. If on the first day of the convention the rules committee repeals Rule 40 that will be a big signal that the power brokers will be trying to deny either Trump or Cruz the nomination and give it to someone who hasn't even run in the primaries. Of course if they do that there's going to be a major schism and a lot of people will jump ship.

  • Don't go democrat in protest, we need to get ANYONE but Clinton or Sanders into the white house in my opinion.
    If the GOP decides that suicide is the best option for the party and they don't give the nomination to Trump, depending on how Trump responds I would either vote for whoever the nominee is, or vote for Trump anyway if he continues as a 3rd party candidate.
    I don't see that happening though. Trump will get the nomination.

  • O have lost faith in both parties. If Trump doesn't win I would support creating a third party, and, I think Sanders voters woukd join that as well.


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