Why is my mom so angry?

My mom is the type of person that likes to go around pissing people off to watch them get all upset so that she will have something to talk about. She always has to be in control and win arguments (even if she is wrong). She is always screaming at people starting arguments and trying to make them feel bad about theirselves. I never get upset and my mom can never get to me I think she knows that so she tries to find buttons to push and make me mad. Today she crossed the line with me. My mom and I talk about everything. A couple of years ago I tried to kill myself because of my ex. and I told my mom she helped me through it. Today she got mad at me and told my dad "Your daughter is trying to kill herself because she hates you and she wants to die!" my dad started crying and it basically broke his heart. I was so mad at my mom for lying and telling my dad that I just started yelling at her and I ended up running out of the house trying to collect myself. My mom followed me out the house screaming at me "You see what you did you broke his heart you are a disapointment to this family You hate your family don't you? You hate us" I was trying to get away from her but she cornered me yelling all these hateful things to me like "This is all your fault... you are going to kill your dad... you are a discrace" she started spitting on me and getting in my face. I just got sick of it because it was all lies and I pushed her and told her "You are so petty and messy... don't you dare try to blame me for anything". and I told her to get out of my fucking face and I got into my car and drove off. I am so sick of her pissing me off. I love my mom but I am not going to let her continue to ruin my life all she does is talk about me to her friends telling them what an awful daughter I am. But as soon as I protect her from people trying to beat her up when she pisses them off she calls me the daughter from heave. Advice? I can't do this anymore but I don't want to hurt my dad.


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  • Tell your dad the truth about why you wanted to kill yourself. Explain to him that it isn't his fault at all. Calmly tell your mom that her behavior is disturbing you and distressing you. If she reacts poorly, then tell your dad about it. I'm not sure if you're ready to move out or not- regardless, you have to learn how to let the crazy things your parents do or say not affect you as much because this is your life and you are in control of your reactions.