Tell me some good things about the Democrats?

If the GOP doesn't work out this election cycle I'm considering joining you guys.



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  • Sorry I can't think of a thing...


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  • They don't exist. Ours is a one-party system divided into two factions, in order to create for us lemmings the delusion we are actually governing ourselves.

  • We are more educated (statistically, srs)
    We reduce the debt (come at me non-pol sci degree fgits)
    We resist war (blood n debt)

  • Absolutely nothing. #Trump2016

  • If you're not voting GOP might as well vote Bernie. I may disagree with his political views but he's a genuine person that isn't funded by corporations.

  • Politicians don't tend to get much love once they're in office. It really doesn't matter what party they are affiliated with. Once they're in the door, there seems ot be a cloud of regret looming around them.

  • It's better to have two political parties than one (yes some countries have ONLY one), but I wish we had at least four with equal members, and high funding.

    That seems to be what would best represent America's interests but people are resisting and instead trying to push 3rd party characteristics into the old existing 2 even though that can never work.

    Bring back the Whig party I say

  • You know I'm trying to give up caring about politics and then I see a question like this that just pisses me off and makes me want to respond... lol.

    I'll tell you a bunch of good things about democrats:

    They are the party in charge of such successful places as Baltimore, Camden (NJ), Detroit, and many other lovely cities. Whats more interesting is that for these cities the democrats have been ruling them for years, and it really shows in the quality of the cities. Whats great about these cities is that the population is being controlled pretty effectively because the murder rates are so high.

    Then of course the democrats are the people that drafted the idea of "raise taxes, raise spending, ignore the debt" which is an absolutely brilliant way to deal with the 18 trillion dollar debt, I mean if we just ignore our problems they will go away right? This idea is courtesy of the democrats.

    You know that crappy little country in East Asia in between China and South Korea, the one called North Korea? Well they have nuclear weapons now, and we can thank the democrats for that. Bill Clinton's negotiations in the 90s (that are eerily similar to the negotiations with Iran going on right now), were so successful that North Korea now has nukes, isn't that just fantastic? The world needs more countries with Nukes, I'm just glad the democrats let North Korea have them.

    And dont even get me started on race relations, the democrats are far ahead of their time in that regard. I mean did you see the democrats running for president this election cycle? They had an African American brain surgeon, several Hispanics, a successful businessman, a woman who was the former CEO of a company... oh wait that was the republicans... sorry I forgot how racist those republicans are, the democrats had 4 old white men and Hillary running for office, isn't that just fantastic how diverse they were? And thankfully, now that we have a black president in office, race relations are a thousand times better then they were in 2008, the democrats haven't been fueling the race fire at all, they have the solution and its just great.

    I could go on but I'm running out of room so I'll call it quits, as you can see the democrats are clearly always right and never wrong, and clearly the best political party out there, after all they are doing for America they deserve every single vote...

  • 1) Democrats didn't do Watergate

    2) Democrats didn't do Iran Contra

    3) Democats didn't do Gulf War 1

    4) Democrats didn't do Gulf War 2

    5) Democrats didn't undo Roe v. Wade

    6) Democrats didn't block any effort what the 1st black President tried to do

    • Related to Jobs

      The stimulus act saved or created, by this summer, approximately 3 million jobs. CEA report See the link for jobs in your state - e. g., Colorado has 50,000 more jobs than it would have

      Expanded loan opportunities for small business

      Saved General Motors, Chrysler, and tens of thousands of American jobs

      Jobs Creation Bill (highway funds, small business tax incentives)

      Related to Health Care

      The health care act prevents discrimination against people for pre-existing conditions

      The health care act allows parents to cover their children through age 26

      The health care act closed the Medicare prescription "donut hole"

      The health care act gives tax credits to help people afford their premiums

      Insurance companies can no longer require you to get permission before seeking emergency treatment

      COBRA subsidized

      End to lifetime limits on coverage

      Phasing out of annual limits on coverage

      Related to Taxes / Economy / Finance

    • Related to Foreign Policy

      Americans have unlimited rights to visit family in Cuba and send them money

      Russia is not selling weapons to Iran

      Nuclear arms reduction treaties between US and USSR

      Hillary Clinton, SoS

      George Mitchell, Special Envoy to the Mideast

      Related to Science / Technology / Environment

      Another space shuttle flight

      Support commercial access to space flight

      Increased investment in alternative energy

      Permit stem cell research

      The Clean Up Act

      Increased funding for NSF

      EPA rules revised to address Climate Change

      Car emission standards revised

      Cash for Clunkers retired 680,000; replaced vehicles getting an average of 15.7 mpg with vehicles averaging 24.9 mpg

      BP escrow account of $20B

      MMS requires more stringent environmental reviews before approving drilling

      Related to governing

      Barred lobbyist gifts to executive branch employees

      More rational sentences for drug offenders