My mom will take her life if I leave her?

My dad left my mom for another woman, and he did her bad.. i mean bad.
i went through it too, but not like she did... they were married for 17 years.
she actually tried to committ suicide but the only thing that stopped her was me.

its been like 4 years since all that happened, and i think she's over it, well not over it but she turned her sadness into anger and basically hates him now.

we got into an argument, a bad one we don't usually argue because we're all we have,
but we did, and i called my grandma to see if i could go stay with her for awhile

my mom got super super emotional and started crying she said i can't believe you would leave me just like your father did
after she calmed down i apologized and she told me if i were to ever leave her she doesn't think she would be able to go on..
meaning she would committ suicide i guess

we went through years of counseling
well i did, she just came to drop me offf and pick me up she never went and i think she needs it bad.

why would she kill herself if i leave?


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  • Help her to believe in herself and get a man

    • she's had boyfriends after my dad but none of them were like him

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    • yeah i didn't want to say it but oh well
      it all started actualy when we moved to a new house
      my dad got on drugs
      thats how it all started i was 12
      16 now

    • Hmm he's gone

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  • Now that is somthing you mom should have never done it puts a heap of guilt on your shoulders because if you did leave and she did it you would feel you killed her. Talk to your mom about this. (I'm assuming the argument wasent that big deal and that your mom provides/loves/cairs for you) second you should NOT be the only thing she has. She should do other things she cairs about because eventually you will have to move out and get on with your life. Book club, your school events, are a great way for her to meet frends. make sure she is getting out of the house sign both of you up for a food kitchen or somthing where both of you can get out and meat people. This my be to much for you to do alone I suggest talking to your ganmother or some other adult about it.

    • yeah i know
      we kinda clinged together after my dad left we both had fear of being alone so thats why
      it brought us together and i guess she couldn't handle losing me
      and no the argument wasn't that big of a deal i just needed some space and got mad saying i wanted to leave
      and i said it might be for a couple months tears started shedding fast the fact i wanted to leave

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  • Your all she gots left

    • thats not a good thing
      as much as i want to stay with her
      one day im gonna have to go away for awhile

  • Losing purpose does that to a person. Buy her a pet then put her on tinder or something lol