My mom thinks she a tough guy when she is not Advice?

My mom has a problem. She thinks she is a guy and that she can go around trying to make them upset (man or woman). Everywhere she goes she is always pissing people off. We were at Mc Donalds the other day in the drive through and this guy cut my mom off (it was his turn to go). She starts screaming at him flipping him off. Then when that did not work she gets out of her car and goes up to his truck screaming at him and calling him white trash and "kiss my ass, suck my dick" and all these awful words. He tells her to leave him alone and tries to get his food. She grabbed his food and threw it over the fence telling him "Get out your truck and face me like a man" he just drove off. I was at the vet with my dog talking to the nurse and my mom just goes off on the clerk screaming "What the fuck are you looking at fat ass?" The lady was not even staring at her. The clerk just ran to the back and started crying because my mom kept screaming at her. The other day these electritions were working on the house across the street so they parked their truck in front of our driveway. I was going to ask them to move it because I had to get out. My mom comes out of the house screaming at them "MOVE YOUR FUCKING TRUCK OUT MY DRIVEWAY DUMBASSES"The guy walked up to her like "Miss I am not disrespecting you and screaming at you I will move it" She says "You are disrespecting me by parking your truck near my driveway" and starts calling him racist and telling him to face her because he kept walking away he said "Just remember that I am the one that comes out to turn your lights back on" she starts throwing rocks at him stomping around in the street screaming "ARE YOU THREATENING ME" . She is always making me mad getting in my face to the point where our faces are touching screaming at me telling me to fight her like someone is not going to do something to her it is annoying and someone is going to hit her one day. I'm tired of it Advice?


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  • Not being disrespectful here dude , but you are correct ; she will one day get in someone's face and they will rearrange it for her or just mash it in. And in all honesty she will have it coming. I doubt there is anything that any of us here can say that will help you to deal with this or make the confrontations any more bearable. She will be what she wants to be , even if it does get her butt whipped. To coin Forrest Gump , stupid is as stupid does..


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