Is this a good turntable?

Is is this turntable a good one or should I avoid it. I don't want one that damages my vinyl records.

I had an old turntable from like the 90's but it stopped working and I need a new one but I don't know much about them


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  • I wouldn't buy it... I went to details and it's blank.

    What gives the tonal character and grain is made by a combination of cart and cartridge... your choice appears to be singularly focused on the cart- something arguably the least important.

    I have a Michell focus one that was made in the mid 80s and still runs today. All that's ever needed replacing was the cartridge in which case I went with Grado's gold&silver.

    • What do you think of the audio technica lp120. I've heard good things but am not sure.

      It's so hard finding one that actually works well and doesn't damage the vinyl records

    • The problem with turntables these days... Instead of focusing on build quality... new technology is where they invest their time and money.

      You're essentially paying for the digital conversion capabilities... which are all next to irrelevant when it comes to the reason most people still listen to vinyls.

      If I were in your shoes... which I'm not thank god... I'd be looking for an older/used turn-table that I could buy in person and hear play. I'd never buy it online- hand-to-hand transactions only.

      p. s. as for damaging vinyls... a lot of that has to do with how you set-up the tracking and the pressure put onto the needle. Too light and it skips. Too heavy and it wears down your records.

    • I did have a look at used turntables and even looked at the one I had which was a pioneer and I couldn't find any it good condition especially when some cost $400 and above and required online payment which I don't trust at that price to pay online

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  • I couldn't find a single professional review of that. I wouldn't trust it. I can say that any turntable that outputs to digital is kind of pointless, so I wouldn't worry that much about quality as long as it's reliably functional.

    Google reviews for turntables, they'll give you options in your price range.

    • Have you heard about the audio technica lp120- if so, is it any good. I've heard good things and that's also a option

    • It's supposed to be pretty good for a budget/casual option.

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