My computer powers on, but the monitor shuts down and stays black at random. What do I do?

Ok, I have been all over the internet about this. Many people have recommended reseting the CMOS battery. I have already done a hard reset of the CMOS battery by pulling it out and putting it back in. I have also replaced my processor, and the power supply. I also cleaned the entire computer, and wiped down the ram, which was suggested by a computer guru. After I reset the CMOS battery, it stopped doing it for a while, but it just started doing it again.

I have also heard other people say that it could be the video card. My computer is an hp p6714y desktop, with a m2n68-la (narra 5) motherboard that has windows 10. I know a lot of this problem was related to the windows 10 upgrade, but I sort of have it under control.

Another question I have is, if I were to completely replace the CMOS battery, can you use a CMOS battery from Energizer. I have tries finding a CMOS specifically for my computer, but all I run into are batteries from Energizer. Is this acceptable?


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  • Pretty sure your issue has nothing to do with the CMOS battery. This battery is only used to retain time and other information when your PC is turned off.

    Your monitor isn't receiving the video signal from your video adapter. Try replacing the VGA/DVI/HDMI cable (whichever you are using). If it still odes not work, you need to find out if it's the video card or the monitor that is malfunctioning (usually it's the video card), then get it repaired or replaced.

    • The best bet is cable first. If that's not the problem, try borrowing a monitor. (I am running a cheap £5 monitor from a charity shop until I can replace the one that went the sae way as you describe). It could be that you are using on-board video just as I am, without using a dedicated video card. Usually if a mother board, with its on-board video, is failing, there will be other problems.

    • I think the CMOS battery will be a 2032. Any good 2032 will do.

  • How old the machine? Did you buy it used?


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