Why do people constantly shame other people who think periods are gross?

Listen, I know periods are a part of life. And girls can't control them.

That doesn't mean it isn't a bit weird for me.

Blood coming out of ANYWHERE is just sorta gross for me. People don't talk as openly about pooping or peeing.


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  • I'm fine with u thinking it's gross, but I'm not fine with u thinking us girls are gross when we have it, especially since u know it's something we can't help.

    like we've had questions here before about what a guy would do if a girl gets blood on his sheets. some respond indifferently, others respond gentlemanly, and others in absolute disgust.

    periods aren't just about blood by the way. there is A LOT of pain involved. you seriously feel like ur about to die sometimes, no joke -.-

    • 1. Lol I never said that girls r some of the most pristine (look at that word play) people on the Universe
      2. I've had bloody noses on my bedsheets before, so it's always an ew
      3. Oh, I know. I mean, I don't know, but I know. U know?

      Basically it's only the blood part

    • uh huh. well you'll get over it. by the time u get to 20 u won't care.

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  • don't worry broski, you're under my protection. There is nothing more disgusting than a woman's secretions. Just because its natural, it doesn't mean you'd want to cuddle up next to it at bed time. Just don't shame them for it because they can't help how they were made

    • Oh yeah I never shame them for it but they get pissed if I even cringe

      And I am grateful for your protection!

    • thanks for mho!

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  • You're under 18, that'll pass as you get older. Most guys don't really care about periods as far as I know.

    • Aight, I can understand that.

      But people still shame me about it, tho!

    • Eh don't worry about it. It's normal at your age range to think it's gross, in my opinion. but when you're an adult, you just gotta deal with it if you want a girlfriend

    • When I have a girlfriend I plan on makin sure she's comfortable throughout the process

      Breakfast in bed, massages, the works

  • I don't know they need to grow up!

    • Even if they're a little grossed out?

      Cuz keep in mind we don't shame u but u shame u!

    • I have spoken!

    • And so has I!

  • It's not weird though.
    I think it's gross when I have to change my menstrual stuff, but I'm pretty used to it now.
    As you get older you'll probably grow out of the "ew periods" thing. Once most men have girlfriends they get the deal.

  • Because it's wrong to say that. Periods natural and there's nothing gross about it. Maybe question yourself? There are plenty of men who don't find them gross. You're immature. Grow up!

    • Peeing is natural.

      Pooping is natural.

  • Semen is as gross as period blood. :/
    I get bashed for saying it too lol.

    • I never said it wasn't!

      (actually, semen is actually blood but not periodical)

      And if u get bashed that's some bs because it's gross

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    • @BlueCoyote Oh really? Look at the chemical makeup of both biological compounds and be amazed

    • @asker: If you look at a worm and you look at a human, they're both made of carbon. That doesn't mean worms and humans have much in common. Blood and sperm are made of similar chemical elements simply because these are the elements our bodies and our environment on this planet work with. That doesn't mean blood and semen actually have any similarities. They have completely different purposes, they're produced in different ways, they don't even look the same. Saying that semen is basically blood is ridiculous, unless you think humans are basically worms.

  • Because saying "eww that's gross" is childish. Periods are as natural as the piss you take in the mornings.

    • Uh huh. And you don't find piss gross?

    • No, because pissing is a natural bodily function. When someone says "just going to take a piss" no one cares. So why do some people have to act as if it's the crime of the century to say "just gotta change my tampon" I mean seriously? Adult men should especially pipe the fuck down and get a grip. They're old enough to have learnt the normal functions of the female body, so acting like a big baby about it is just pathetic.

    • Oh no it's not regarded as the crime of the century, EVER. But when WE cringe a bit, then suddenly it's like we've eaten twenty babies!

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  • I find it normal, girls i know openly tell me they dont want to stay around people when they are about to have it.