Is this signs of a very insecure/unhealthy to be around person?

My mom does stuff that I could seriously write a book about which bothers me.

But something that I've recently come to notice is how she manipulates things.

Just really simple stuff. For example, she'll say come down for dinner, because the food is so good it can only be enjoyed if it's hot. I'll say yeah yeah I'm coming.

5 minutes later she'll say, "COME DOWN I WANT TO SLEEP," and I'll realize the real reason she wants me to eat my dinner and get it over with. The fact that she feels the need to lie and manipulate me about it bothers me.

And these little lies that she tells me and herself, I've only come to realize it's a part of who she is, which is scary.


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  • I don't think it is a sign of insecurity. You should be glad that your mom actually cares about you and cooks your dinner.

    • See I knew this wasn't a good example of the way she twists the truth becuase I was in the wrong, but I can't seem to come up with anything else out of the top of my head.

    • ^ For example, I had asked her to see a movie with me, since I was tired of University and wanted a break.

      The next day she came up to me asking to go I told her I didn’t want to, I was tired.
      She was insisting for us to go and in the end I said NO. So she was like, I wanted to go for YOU, etc. etc.
      Pure bullshit. She wanted to see the movie and didn’t want to admit it.

    • Yes I get it. I know what you're trying to convey. Maybe a bit of insecurity, but it's not really something that should affect or annoy you. She is a pretty normal person, I have seen a lot worse.

      I think you can just adapt a bit, because she isn't being a manipulative liar or anything.

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  • Well girl... Your mom is cooking dinner for you and probably is washing your cloths too. Ever came across the thought she is tired? Show a little more respect. When your mom tells you to eat you should go and not let her wait.

    • It's not about that. I know she was right in getting me to come down.

      It's how she lies about the simplest of stuff. It actually scares me.

      A rational person would say look I'm tired just come down. I can't explain it, but she does this a lot. At a point in time she made me buy a CD for her telling me I shouldn't, 'kill my joy,' knowing full well my dad wouldn't buy it for her if she were to ask.

      I later realized she wanted it for herself which is so pitiful that she feels the need to do things like this

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