I wake up every morning angry and I don't know what to do?

I wake up every morning angry at her for what she did and feeling unsatisfied with how my life is.

I really wish she didn't walkout on me Because I was trying really hard to make it work and not be a negative/depressed person but when I seen her with another guy and how she was absolutely unapologetic about it... It just sent me off the deep end and I haven't found my stride since.

Even though that happened last year/months ago I've been struggling with it and a bunch of other mental demons (I picked the wrong person to depend on). I've been trying to date but most of these girls don't even want to talk and when they do its so vague they might as well speak in riddles.

I'm just sick of this - I feel so numb & annoyed I've lost interest in everything I care about and everyday is a battle to not just stay in a state of misery. I go out to random places, sometimes to visit friends sometimes somewhere else and most of the time it makes me feel better and then there's days like yesterday day when it just makes me more upset (seeing a bunch of couples walking around making me feel like an undesirable nothing).

I don't know why I wrote this... Whatever.


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  • When you break up you go through the same stages of grief as death. Briefly, these are denial, bargaining, anger, sadness and acceptance. You will bounce between the stages and may even be stuck in one for a long time. There is no right or wrong way to deal with grief no matter its source.

    The fact that she betrayed you makes things hurt even more, your anger is more justified and the pain deeper.

    I would wonder if you are ready to date yet; girls don't seem to be very interesting to you at this stage if the game. Can you immerse yourself in things you enjoy? Give your anger an artistic outlet by painting, writing about it, etc. Get the anger out by running, lifting, sports etc.

    I wish I had better advice. Just know that you are perfectly right in however you feel right now.


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  • :( is therapy an option?

    • More talking is worthless I need excitement and life changes.

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