Can you write a three sentence horror story?

"What do you want for breakfast, hon?" my husband asks, as his head peeks at me from the kitchen doorway. I smile at him, but before I could reply, his face is suddenly against mine, nose to nose. "You didn't know that I could stretch, well now you do."

😩😩😩 come on you guys, something scary.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ted Cruz elected President.
    Nuclear war ensues as he starts a new Crusade.
    Human extinction.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It was a cold winter night. I decided to go to Taco Bell. When I got there and ordered an enchilada, the employee told me they were out.

    AHHHH! I'm so scared now. That was too scary to type. >_<


What Guys Said 4

  • Late at night they snuck out in a canoe to the middle of a lake. The girl and guy started to make out. He reached his hand down into her pants and found a big hairy cock.

  • Once upon a time
    Donald trump became president, and what we knew as The United states of America became the United Trump Nation.
    No one had names anymore we had our names encrypted into codes, and the only outift we were able to wear were suits, and ties.
    Another nation against trump Known as the Reunited States of america Ran by a team of President obama and President Sanders were at war with the untied trump nation.

    (Part 2 coming soon)

  • people I work with... the end


What Girls Said 2

  • I watch you everyday and you don't know who I am.
    Today, like everyday, you trust me, confide in me, you don't know whats coming.
    Tomorrow I will take you, for you will be mine or nobody's, and you don't even suspect a thing.

  • I opened the door quietly the old hinges letting out a creak. Glancing through the darkened closet I took my pick of a good snack when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. But I was the only one in the house.