How Should I Text Him Back?

He's at school
ME: How's school going? :)
HIM: It's going alright, pretty boring though :)
ME: But at least you get to see your friends though :D
HIM: Hahaha yeah ^^

I don't know what to text back D: I have a crush on him :(

I texted him
ME: Cool sorry for bothering you ^^''
HIM: Oh you aren't! I've just been pretty busy at school :)

What do I do next? I'm so happy :D ^__^


What Guys Said 1

  • call him.

    these problems don't exist in verbal conversations. so don't linger in an environment where you're likely to create problems that never existed.

    • I don't have his phone number :( we talk on Facebook D:

    • now you know what to ask in your next message ☺️

    • 99 times out of 100 a guy will give his number to any girl who asks. (thing is, few ask). be one of those few

What Girls Said 2

  • I'd say something like " I'll think about your struggle there, while I stretch and roll over in my bed"

  • You: Hhhhhhh

    (if he didn't text you after 10 minutes then)
    You: Keep going with ur boring school 😋
    talk to you later