Ideas for pranking my neighbors?

When they moved in, my neighbors (they live above me) seemed like a nice couple, and they even have a cute little kid. The kid is quiet, but the couple seems to always want to have sex when i want to sleep. And their room is right above mine. So I hear everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. Bumping against stuff, moans, screams, everything. I don't get mad, but since I'm a very mature and adult person I want ways to "prank" them while they do it. I mostly yell "woooo" and they stop which amuses me haha. Any creative ideas?


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  • Turn porn up really loud. If you can direct the sounds up to their apt.


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  • Step 1 get a girlfriend
    Step 2 have louder more adventurous sex then them during the middle of the day so there kid can here
    Step 3 repeat as necessary

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