A good and short book for a non reader?

My boyfriend does not read, he dont like peotry and is really logical minded individual who prefer maths. For him, it is stupid to say things in a beautiful but confusing way when you could say it simply. But as he is learning french he started reading small books in french to learn. Any ideas of a short book quite easy that someone who dont like litterature would like? it can be a kid book! id be proud of me as a reader to make this practical serious man LIKE a book


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  • can't make someone like a book... but i could suggest a few titles or even send a few files that would keep them hooked.

    • open to suggestions haha, yeah even if he dont like it he could not hate it

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    • he watches limitless huh... but he isn't into fiction? seems like he like his historics... hmm... dont think i have any books in that category... i do have shows he'd love though.

    • still thanks haha

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  • Everybody poops lol

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