What are you supposed to say after hi?

I feel like you say
"How are you"
Or "what's up"

But every time you say that people get mad and probably ignore you
Ivr been ignored so many times after saying it
Like what else am I supposed to say?
"Yesterday I had a dream some dolphin bit my ass
The weird part I still have the scar, wanna see?"


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  • ha ha ha yes go with that I'm LMAO its a conversation starter for sure

    • Yeah but that's just me being me
      Which would probably scare them off faster

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    • Thanks for MHG

    • Welcum

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  • Yesss. Say that lol.

  • lmao then your talking to the wrong people and its always best to follow it up with a question, if its someone u don't know then ask them whatever you wonder about them

  • Be straight forward "hey duuuude!, I had this crazy dream my brother was herobrine."

  • Why is this even a question just ask?

    • Wait
      You asked why it was a question
      Then you said just ask

  • Lolllllllll


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  • How are you?

    How you doing?

    Whats up

    Or comment about something.

  • https://replygif.net/i/1392.gif

    I often use this line.

  • Guy: Hi
    Girl: Heyy
    Guy: Hiiii
    Girl: Heyyyyy
    Guy: Condom or nah?
    Girl: Nahhh ;)

    • LMAO. this ^^^

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    • lol teasing man, just talk to them like a friend! just get to know them ask where they're from, what their into, etc etc. people like talking about themselves, so just get to know em! laugh show you're fun, YOU GOT THIS YOUNG BROTHER!!! YEAHHH!!

    • Thanks 👏👏👏👏

  • Maybe a random flirty compliment instead of what's up. What's up is a dull ass intro to a conversation and will turn most women off. I usually like go with some playful banter.

    I'll give a compliment and then a playful insult right after that.
    "Your hair looks sexy today.."
    "Ohh tha-"
    "But wtf is up with that shirt lol"

    Stupid example ^^ But you get the point

    After I say that I'll sort of exit my way out of the conversation and every time she will follow up and want to know why you said that. You don't give it to her right away. You mess with her for a while till you are making her laugh and she is begging for you to tell her. Then when she expects you to tell her you actually do exit the conversation and tell her you will talk to her later. Say you have to meet up somewhere and you are late. Get the number.

    The goal is to catch her interest with something different unique and funny.. Get her to talk about herself and get her to reveal personal things about herself while revealing nothing about yourself. Then by not revealing your little playful banter insult that you gave her makes her think about you. It makes her a tad bit insecure and seeking validation from you. She will be thinking about you and that is a good thing. If she is attracted to you she will be thinking about that the whole night thinking "why the hell did he say that"

    I've ran that scenario A LOT with girls I see randomly on campus that are in one of my classes. It works really well. It sure as hell beats "Oh hey what's up?"

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