Any ideas why this car behind me that never tailgates me keeps flashing their high beams at me?

This is not first time this has happened. The last time this happened to me it was about a month ago and then it stopped. But every time I am driving home late at night from my college campus, a large truck flashes it's high beams at me. When this truck flashes its high beams at me, it never tailgates me and is always behind me. As far as I know, nobody was following me when I left the campus this only starts as I enter my neighborhood. It always happens late at night driving home from the campus on either a Monday or Wednesday and they never follow me to my exact street they always turn a block a two before my street.


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  • Sounds extremely creepy. next time they do that take notes and try to get some Identity like A license plate, truck make, model, color etc,...

    • Do you know what the truck looks like?

    • It was really dark but to me it looked like a large, black Ford truck. Weirdly enough my car was parked across from a large, black Ford truck at the campus.

    • Id get the plate number next time you see it and record it was a black Ford. Usually trucks in America are either going to be Fords. Chevrolet, Toyotas or Dodge. Fords are usually the easiest to Identify

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  • I hear people usually do that is your taillight is out.
    Is your car in good condition?
    Never pull over though!

    • After I got home I checked my car and everything looked fine. Still really creepy though

    • ok good!
      and yeah thats creepy! I can't think of anything else that would make someone else do that.
      I know my boyfriend likes to do that when someone is an asshole on the road to him (lol), but I'm sure you're not an asshole driver haha.

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  • Get a taser

    Or a ninja blade blender in case you'll have to use it

    Have someone with you

    Talk to the cops too

  • I don't know, but it sounds creepy. Maybe they are hoping you will pull over. Can you have someone else follow you home and try to get their license plate number? At least that way if something unfortunately does ever happen you will have a record of having issues with them in the past to strengthen your case.


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  • You're going to slow. They want you to move aside. This is one of those creepy situations where you need to call that one number to report questionable intentions from other drivers. Take down his license and never pull over or slow down. Just keep driving as normal. Srsly though get that number on speed dial. If anything, call the cops. They'll tell yo what you can do.

    • EDIT. just looked it up - I really never had any inclination to before cuz I kept forgetting and that number is apparently a lie. So just call the cops and ask them what to do.

    • Okay thanks I will look up my county sheriff office number and get it on speed dial.

    • Ah, yeah. That sounds good. Keep something sharp near you though. In case you need to stab someone's eye out on the fly.

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