Anyone else feel this way?

On my mom's 41st birthday she felt depressed about turning 41, and on her 42nd birthday she felt even more depressed. I felt that same way on my 21st birthday. And I'm turning 22 this year. And I'm scared that I might feel the same way again. Can anyone else relate?


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  • Don't feel depress about it😊

    1) Embrace it. It's going to happen... you might as well welcome it with arms wide open
    2) celebrate it.. do fun things on your birthday. create amazing memories that will last a lifetime
    3) Be thankful that you live to see another year. Unfortunately some people don't live to see their 20's
    4) Use it as a reflection on how much you have grown throughout the years. I bet u have learned so much and avoid making certain mistakes and got smarter with certain things in ur life.
    5) You're feeling like this in your 20's? Early 20's at that. If u keep it up ur gonna be in ur late 30's wishin u didn't feel this way in ur early 20's.
    6) I recently went to someone 50th exclusive birthday celebration & she seemed so happy & excited about turning 50! She was dressed up fancy and looked really fabulous. The whole thing was a big, extravagant, lavish, birthday celebration and well... why not?
    Hope this helps u feel better!

  • nope, i'm 22 turning 23 soon and i'm happy with my age. my mom is 55 and she tells people proudly, age is something to be proud of. it's better than the alternative: dying young