My Guy Friend Said I'm "ideal wife material"?

My friend, who is a guy, was talking with me earlier and he said, "well, you really are ideal wife material". When I questioned him on it he stated a lot of things that I never would've thought a guy would find attractive
I know I'm physically attractive, which he also mentioned, but it was more how I act he talked about. I have maternal instinct (guess it makes sense), good cook, kinda almost OCD, educated (I'm an ER nurse and working on becoming a physical therapist), mature, respectable. But the ones that really threw me off was I'm stubborn, strong headed, a little argumentative, "not too girly, kinda tomboyish", and I'm a bit of a nerd i. e. I really love Star Wars, comics, etc. dont judge me haha. But is being stubborn, nerdy and all that really something people look for or is it just him? I'm just curious, I'll honestly be surprised if any comments on this lol


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  • Different guys have different preferences. Many traits some people see as bad others see as good its not just black a white. I think every guy likes a bit of nerd though :P


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