Why is he making me jealous?

I met him online. We talk everyday and I am the one who have to text first everyday.
but he always reply even when he is studying he'll reply. He also use emoji like <3 ^^ :) :D :* with me.
today I ask him, how was his day. And he said there is a girl in his class who want to ride a bike with him to school in the morning and it's making him happy.
so I reply "cool hahaha"
and he reply "are you jealous? :*"
and I reply "I hate you"
and then I told him that "today cute guy text me and i'm going to go talk to him" (I just want him to be jealous of me too)
and he said " hahaha oh go ahead, you will miss me too much and come back to me :*"
what should I say next? Does he likes me? Or is he friendzone me?


What Guys Said 1

  • try ignoring him for 3 days😂

    • Really?

    • you can see if he really like your friendship. if he's stepping up his game thing, avoid him like a leper. you don't have nothing to lose.

What Girls Said 1

  • for fun maybe?

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