What song makes you nostalgic?

My 21st bday us coming up and has me thinkin about stuff. I keep playing this over and over xD

I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne as a kid xD can't believe that was 14 years ago :o

Whats a song from your childhood that makes you nostalgic?


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  • Ice ice baby by vanilla ice
    The whisper song by the yin yang twins
    Jump, jump by those two kids
    Poison by Bel biv and devoe
    Susan, Always love you, it's not right, my love by Whitney Houston
    Creep by TLC
    I'm Blue (idk the blue song)
    Love you down (Btw my all time fav)
    Everything Usher
    Tender roni and Cruel by Bobby Brown
    I like it by El Debarge
    Tainted love 90's version
    Barbie girl by aqua
    Don't turn round by ace of base
    All my life by kcee and Jojo
    One more time by daft punk
    Alone by Nsync
    Lady Marmalade by well the 2000's version lol
    Peaches and cream
    Everybkdy by Back street boys ( this one is for you and I @Empatheticlady)
    Maria, mariaaaa and Smooth Ft my fav Santana
    I need to know by Marc Anthony
    Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly
    It's like a jungle sometimes, don't push me cus eim close to the edge.. lol that song
    Hot in here Nelly
    Ovee and over again by Tim McGraw and Nelly
    Slept so long by the dude from korn I think
    Heartbreaker, always my baby by Mariah Carey
    Alibi by Johnny Taylor (I really loveeee this oldie)
    Contagious by R. Kelly and Mr. Biggs
    If you had my love by Jlo
    Thong song by Sisco
    Pony by genuine (I actually love the rock vers by far as well)
    Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson (my fav)
    EVERYTHING R. Kelly ( @Dasvoz you already know why I think of you ๐Ÿ˜ˆ)
    He wasn't mn enough for me by Toni Braxton
    Back that ass up by Juvnille
    Jack by Raye charles
    Move b***h by luda etc etc lol I'll just stop here for now


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  • Ha yuck Offspring's Pretty Fly (for a white guy), several Smashing Pumpkins songs, NIN I want to F you like an animal... Basically anything I onlyostened to for a short period of time and never again.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEDnGAvjQXw

    I'm actually just about to put this in my MyTake but I'll put it here anyways. It's not my childhood, but it... is pretty much how I feel about my state right now. It's in the rearview. I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to grow.

    So it stirs feelings akin to nostalgia in me.

    • I love it <3 acoustic, folky songs have a lot of nostalgia for me too

  • sang along to this with my best friend today, the memories :p


  • Steal my sunshine by len or anything by the spice girls ORR s club 7 haha

  • I like avril lavignes 'What the hell'

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