Why am I being so irritable when it comes to love and relationships?

I haven't had a girlfriend for about a year and haven't had sex with anyone since that girlfriend and as time has gone on, love and everything to do with it (songs, poems, seeing other relationships) irritates me. Instead of listening to songs dealing with love and feeling good, I feel pessimistic and feel like its all crap. I have gotten to the point of even seeing the really hot girls on Instagram, doesn't make me "happy" or whatever I'm supposed to feel. Instead I feel angry that it doesn't seem like any girl would want me, so why would this gorgeous model. Its a messed up way of thinking but I don't know how to fix it. Can someone help.


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  • Did your last relationship end badly? You seem to harbor resentment towards women and that is preventing you from wanting a relationship with one. You're going to have to get past that.

    • It ended kind of badly. I just have an unsuccessful past with women. I was laughed at by girls if I admitted my crush and got bullied for it no matter what

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    • I understand but you can't assume it will always be that way. Girls grow up into women that one day appreciate a guy that lays his cards out instead of playing games.

    • I don't have confidence left from when I was younger. Its not that I'm assuming, its what I have been taught. Its like being taught math, 2 + 2 always equals 4. The answer to my equation with girls is that basically I'm a game for them to play when they choose

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  • I think the emotional baggage of last relationship you had is still there within you. It might have ended badly or your girlfriend did something really bad with you.