Crazy thoughts or crazy things to do before death?

I was sitting, just listening to music, then i got a crazy thought that would be halarious but could get me killed. Here are my thoughts.
1. secretly Infultrate an arabic temple, and play kanye west ultralight beam on the PA, and see if they like it.
2. The confusing flavor of sunny D is koolaid and orange juice. ( i tried this, and it taste just like it! The Pink lemonade koolaide to be specifc)
3. If young metro was making a selection and he didn't think that was a good selection (in his mind) would that mean he doesn't trust himself? like, he is unsure?

4. Crashing a celebrity party... its really easier than you think. Like james bond style.

and many other complex , hard to understand and process in typing stuff. give me some of your crazy thoughts.


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  • Arabi

    • Arabic temple?*
      Do you mean mosque?
      Been there done that lmao.

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    • Hahaha fuck tard we did it in a mosque in America. Lmaooo but I guess our asses were created by immigrant parents :D hahahahhahah
      Ha-ha he didn't care

    • lol. thats whats up.

  • Skydive... And get totally wasted at a party and Yaa...


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