Should I ignore her also? Please Help?

Hello, I am new to asking complete strangers questions about life. Okay here goes some background, I am currently a sophomore in highschool, I believe myself to be average in looks, I am a rather any person, and I also have a speech indepiment (Not a good combo in my opinion). Okay my question is, there is this girl I have a crush on, and we use to talk in class all the time endlessly, that was all before spring break. Now she barely talks to me anymore, she doesn't even look my way when we pass each other in the hallway, she even changed her seat in class to the other side of the room. Can sometime please tell me what should I do? Should I ignore her back?


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  • Try Putting her on your own pay no Mind list here, dear, it's Obvious she is giving you the cold shoulder and is considered now a Fair weather friend to the end.
    Good luck, You certainly deserve a better Friend than this One who no One should have to Defend. xx


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  • If you want a relationship with a girl just have the balls to ask her out. Doing stupid things to try and "flirt", "play hard to get", "get her attention" often don't even work if she doesn't realize you are into her and can easily be interpreted as something different. The only sure way to get the message across is to just tell her straight up that you are attracted to her.


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  • have you tried approaching her?
    or did your behavior change?

    • No it was her who changed, I tried talking to her the day we got back from break but she gave me the cold shoulder

    • hmm... you should probably ask her what went wrong...

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