Geforce gt 730 not detecting monitor at all. What do I do?

My computer is hp p6714y. I plugged the card into the right slot, but when I turned it on it would not turn on the monitor. I noticed the card is really short, but it doesn't look like it would fit the other slots. Any advice is appreciated

The instructions said to plug in the power supply (if required... and I've installed two other graphics cards with no problem


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  • Switch the "graphics" in the bios from "onboard" to video card.
    Make sure ya have all the power cords plugged in correctly.
    Make sure ya have all of the drivers installed.


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  • did the card come with a manual? If so read it and read your mobo. manual carefully. You never know. . .. Did you check the drivers?

    What I'd do is just put your mobo. model into a search engine and have a look through tech forums to see if anyone had similar issues

  • It may require an adapter. Contact a computer store for help finding the correct adapter

  • Are you sure you inserted the card correctly? Some cards have additional power cable that must be connected to the power supply. Check if the motherboard is set to use this card and not the integrated one. When you turn on the PC is there a beeping sound?

    • I looked all over the card for a spot to put one. I guess I have to look again. No beeping, but when I plugged the monitor into the on board graphics card and tried to install the disk, the graphics card was not detected by the drivers. By the way, what spot do you plug in the power to, if I have too?

    • Also I plugged in an older Nvidia card to see if I was crazy, and it was automatically detected

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