Is it bad for girls to look non-dressed up or not too groomed?

Honestly? Sometimes when I'm super-busy with school, I'll be wearing my hair with no product in it, loose clothes, and just throw on whatever I feel comfortable in.

I do agree I feel better when I dress up, because everyone likes dressing up to feel good.

But sometimes I feel like it's not who I am. I was never really a super-girly person who dressed up all the time, for most of my life I've liked living beyond the 'non-glam,' mask.

Almost like I'm more comfortable with people not seeing the full-out beautiful me, because what if that's not good enough? Better to never show it to begin with.


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  • It's ok at times so when you do dress up its a nice surprise


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  • It's okay for a girl to look that way.
    But a young lady... never.
    This is the time when you should look your best.
    I never let myself slip.
    Some people do and there's no coming back from that.

    • What do you mean by that

    • When people start not to care about their looks or make no effort , they tend to stay that way permanently.
      Next thing that gets piled on his extra weight due poor choices in food and lack of exercise