Best video game villains? You decide?

As they say, the strength and bravery of the hero measures up by the wickedness of the villain.

1) Sephiroth
Yes, you saw this coming. #1, sephiroth. Unmistakable voice? Check. Boss intro? Check. Iconic introduction, triple check.. FF7 seals the deal! And a theme song that makes you wanna cheer for the villain. The atmosphere and tempo sounds like wardrums, getting us pumped for what's next. Sephiroth makes the best video game villain. Why? Cutting off your alien mom's head? CREEPPY! And a chilling laugh sure to make chills run up your spine! Seriously, a whole army of soldiers at your command and powers that shake the universe? FF7 wins the ballot. Regardless, he's yet another Final Fantasy villain who decides to become a god and tear up the world - although what probably gives Sephiroth the edge is his sweet theme music: One Winged Angel.

2) Kefka
That serial killer clown in that Steven King movie you can't remember.. I would've placed Kefka in #1 if it weren't for Sephiroth's evil trickery.. While he did succeed in his twisted mission, Sephiroth had the evil act down pat.. A nutty masochist you can't to hate, no matter how hard you try!

3) Ganon
Link has been fighting back against the evil forces of Ganon since 1987, but it wasn't until the arrival of Ocarina of Time that the pig-man wizard first appeared in a more human form. Ganondorf is the seemingly unkillable central villain of the Legend of Zelda series, and Nintendo has few characters more iconically evil than him.

Portal (and to a lesser extent Portal 2) is about the terror of being locked in a room with an unpredictable lunatic.

What villain made you turn to the dark side?
*Pyramid head, ansem, and bison would've made it


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  • 1) Alma Wade
    From the F. E. A. R. series, Alma was a good villain, kind of like a telekinetic/pyro-kinetic version of Jason Vorhees. A walking, haunting destroyer of all. Lol, she also gave birth to both the hero and the villain in the 1st and 3rd games and her backstory was pretty freaking intense. Winds up raping a dude towards the end of the second game to spawn more psychic freak children, so yeah... Pretty twisted. :/

    2) SHODAN
    From System Shock 1 and 2, she was the inspiration for GLaDOS and much of the content in Bioshock and other "horror-shooter" games. She is an A. I. that taunts your character all the way through the game, making an already tough experience all the more grueling. Here's a snippet:

    3) Sniper Wolf
    Really, the only reason I ever finished Metal Gear Solid (because the story was shit, tbh). A Kurdish child-soldier, had a thing for wolves, kind of a dope-head (muscle-relaxants), and sniper without peer, she was a memorably-difficult bossfight in the game. Voice was sexy as hell, too.

    • MGS1... shit story? Geeeez

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    • "Really, the only reason I ever finished Metal Gear Solid (because the story was shit, tbh). "

    • @ThatNiceGuy And I standby that statement. Hideo Kojima's stories are crap, in my opinion. Entertaining crap to some, but still crap.

      Pity the series died, but hey, supposedly pachinko is more fun and profitable according to #FuckKonami

  • The Master, from Fallout 1. A hideously mutated former human who absorbs other beings into his consciousness using a pre-war immunity-boosting drug gone wrong. His plan is to mutate or enslave all of humanity, seeing the resulting 'supermutants' as the next step and best life form equipped for the post-nuclear world. The small flaw in his plan is that supermutants become sterile. If you can present him with evidence of this, you can convince him to commit suicide and destroy himself without a fight. Otherwise... hope you've got a lot of stimpacks (or are good at hacking)

    Who made me turn to the dark side, though?

    Fallout's Enclave. They are the United States Government, in WW3 contingency mode. They have the most advanced technology in the world, and the means to produce more. They also have a large, well-trained, standing army. They also have plans to rebuild the world and the resources to do it.


    You can't support them in Fallout 2, but you can in Fallout 3. I played along with them because the storyline makes you, but with the Broken Steel epilogue you can sow the seeds that President Eden prepared. I truly believe they are the best hope for the future of humanity. Not irradiated survivors huddling in shanty towns fighting off gangs of criminals, but a well organised, well equipped, well-established group. I put the FEV in the water. I nuked the Eastern Brotherhood's base in the Pentagon. Raaaar!

  • Don't know who is the best but some that I think are awesome and kept me on edge...

    Scissorman - Clock Tower
    Nemesis- Resident Evil:Nemesis
    The T-Rex - Dino Crisis
    Albert Wesker- Resident Evil series
    Bowser- Super Mario Brothers
    Every FF villain especially Sephiroth and Kefka!
    Lavos- Chrono Trigger
    Jason Vorhees- The Friday the 13th game on the NES
    The Arch Demon- Dragon Age
    The Reapers- Mass Effect
    Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2
    Dr. Robotnik - Sonic
    Cortez - Crash Bandicoot
    Dr. Albert W. Wily - Megaman
    Darth Malak and The Sith Lords - Knights of the Old Republic series
    Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2
    The Lich King - Warcraft
    Dark Link - The Legend Of Zelda
    Alduin- Skyrim
    Majora - The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask
    Death's Hand - Jade Empire
    Ganon - Legend of Zelda
    The Joker: Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Dracula - Castlevania series
    Giygas - Earthbound
    Dark Lich - Secret of Mana
    GLaDOS - Portal
    The Darkness - Kingdom Hearts
    Gruntilda - Banjo Kazooie
    M. Bison and Akuma - Street Fighter
    Mother Brain - Metroid

  • The Serial Killer Clown was From IT and the book is better

  • Sephiroth is legendary

    Arthas and Bowser are right there too in my opinion.

  • gandhi... i really hope someone understand this reference

  • Vaas from Farcry 3, mindblowingly twisted.

  • Wario.


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  • GlaDOS. Definitely Glados!! Vaas is a close second though.

    • Yup. It takes a true hero like cloud to grow up and stand up to sephiroth's evil treachery to come back to his senses and take his soldier roots back.. kid cloud actually thinks this cold-blooded killer.. is his role model and friend?

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    • His journey to where he was, and seeing the formerly prosperous island crumble around him, would be fascinating.