Is this weird? - or - is it all about money?

So I'm trying to move soon so I decided that I probably have more things than I need to bring with me.
I found and posted 13 differnt things on this app on my phone. One of them was 9 pairs of jeans for $10 each or $60 for the lot.
This guy hits me up and says he's interested but wants to meet and check them out, possibly try them on to make sure they fit. Okay fine. We make plans, meet up the next evening.
Ends up trying on and buying 6 of them. He puts the jeans in his car and hands me the money.
I'm ready to say okay, thank you, take care, he goes; This might be awkward but, any chance you'll sell the jeans you're wearing? I really like them.
I'm like well not really trying to sell them but everything has a price. Figuring he probably wouldn't want to pay that price lol. I told him the number, of course it was too much, he offered a bit less than what I offered. I considered it for a moment and decided why not. I went and changed in to one of the pairs he didn't buy, went back over to him and handed them over. He of course had to try them on to make sure. I waited, he came over back over wearing them and goes; I didn't realize they were designer so I understand your price. i'll still take them. He he gave me the money and said thanks for your business, take care, and we parted ways.
He left wearing the jearns that I showed up in and had no intenion of selling. lol... kinda strange, or dose everything have a price?
On a side note, I can't lie, the jeans he bought off of me (literally) that he left wearing, looked better on him than they did on me. :s

  • weird
  • not really
  • hell no, every thing has a price!
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  • Must have been some good jeans... its like going into the store looking for a particular set then seeing one with a brand you are not fond of but then they look amazing. happened to me... not a fan of Wrangler... but damn i look good in them.

    • You mean the ones I was wearing or all of them in general? I mean I was selling all of them for cheap. They were all alost brand new. I have/had a lot of jeans.

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    • No problem.
      I they were one of my favorite pairs but as they say; money talks.

    • bullshit walks...

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  • Quite an amusing incident, that!

    But yeah, everything has a price and it's all about money! Money makes the world go round! ;)

    • Yeah I mean I didn't really think it was too awfully strange that he said something/asked me about them but I wasn't exactly expecting to see another man wearing my jeans, much less the ones I showed up in.