How can I get votes from people?

So I applied for a school leadership position, and I'm against 2 others. It is an open vote where all students and staff (about 600 people in total) vote and most wins. Unfortunately, there is no speech, no campaign or anything. At the end of the day, if you made the final ballot, it's up to popularity.

I'm pretty good in popularity. I'm not the most popular guy but I know I can get votes from a good amount of people. But I need votes from the people that I don't really know. How do I do this? I have 2 weeks.

I think posting really cool photos on social media for everyone to see might help?



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  • Be a great leader and that will get great votes, It's not all about looks. look at Donald Trump and he still getting votes.
    Good Luck though and I wish you the best


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  • Shake a lot of hands and introduce yourself (or re-introduce yourself) to as many people as possible! Greet everyone by name, or if you don't know their name, introduce yourself and repeat their name back to them, and try to greet them by name again some other time too.

    What's the position you're running for?

    Posting cool pictures on social media won't get you the same sort of recognition that actually making eye contact, pressing the flesh, and having an actual interaction with people will.

    You can probably bet that your competition will be looking for the "easy" way out (posting pictures on social media), so if you push yourself outside your comfort zone and make it a point of showing up to school early and walking through the halls and saying "hi" to as many people as possible and shaking their hands (i. e. "Hey, Josh! I haven't seen you around much since we were in home room together last year, you doing alright? Awesome, well good to see you! Have a great day!" or "Hi, I don't think we've ever met, my name is Anonymous, what's yours? Nice, great to meet you Angela! Are you in Mr. Garrisons math class this year? Wow, I had him last year, have him tell you the story about the time he got lost hiking, tell him I told you to ask. Great meeting you, see you around!"

    Those sorts of interactions can be short, sweet, but will definitely be memorable. People will think back to that when it's time to vote, and if the other candidates didn't campaign like that, your name/face will be the first one they think of.