What are your strengths and weakness?

My Strenghs
A great leader
Has a championship ring
A good hip-hop dancer
a lot of potential
Gets A's and B's even in the toughest classes
High confidence
Great taste in music
Always on time
Does not care about the haters
Great horse rider
Great hiker

My Weakness
Does not listern that got me in trouble a lot
Sore winner
Sore loser
Bad singer
Bad dancer expect for hip-hop
Steps on people sometimes
Need to bulk up
A wanna be bad boy


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  • Strengths

    I have street smarts as well as book smarts.
    I know how to fight
    I have a rather unique mind that few understand
    I'm confident in what I know how to do
    Artistic ( oil painter and poet )
    Physically strong
    Mentally strong
    Very calm and laid back to the point of almost being monk like sometimes.
    I know when to walk away
    I can admit when I'm wrong when I am truly wrong.
    Unnaturally patient
    Classic style
    Sporadic and often spontaneous
    Got my great granddaddies heart
    Focused ( most of the time )
    Old fashioned
    Versatile as my personality/mindset to a degree adapt to the situation I am in.

    Stubborn in general and stubborn, dead set in my ways
    Sometimes my anger can get the better of me since I have what's called implosive anger.
    I can be annoying at times
    Sometimes messy
    I ask way to many questions sometimes
    Sporadic and often spontaneous ( which can lead to lack of planning )
    I get easily distracted by the littlest things like a butterfly sometimes ( not even kidding )
    I get overly passionate/zealous
    Procrastinator ( some of the time )
    I grew up poor so I can make do with a lot less then what some people maybe comfortable with and usually don't like spending money.
    Old fashioned

    I left some stuff out but you get the general Idea

    • Being religious and old-fashioned are weaknesses?

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    • Hmm. True!
      Some people actually 'hate' religion? I mean, its okay to be an atheist. But to actually go to the lengths of 'hating' it...

    • @Winterberry Yeah you'd be surprised.

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  • Whoa... I have a lot of weaknesses. Hahaha. Including my selfish and arrogancy. My strength is--maybe--I'm an open-minded person. But then, back to my weaknesses, there was a time when I was too open-minded, but I was still an idealistic person so when I realized I opened my mind too much, I would do a debate and force my opinions. Hahaha xD

  • Strength- nada
    Weakness- I eat a lot! Need to gain and lose!

  • I am independent, open minded, easy going
    I am a bit naive, kinda messy and I get distracted reeeally easily lol so is hard to focus when Im studying haha

  • Good listener, great fashion expert, and works hard

    As for my weaknesses, only have my associates and maybe I spend too much time at the mall

  • Strengths-Good mom, good boss, and a fun person
    Weaknesses-Can be annoy at times


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  • Strengths: brains
    Weakness: Kitties... oh... and idiots who have nothing to say but say some bullshit they can't back up.

  • Strengths - good leader, completely loyal , totally trustworthy , once i get interested into something nothing stops me from completing it, understanding , kind, athletic, give everything for my friends, singing, drawing , playing guitar

    weakness- to nice, to understanding, give everything for my friends, suck at dancing, timid, sometimes procrastinating, not good at studying, trust every one to fast and to much, forgive easily

  • My strength

    I rep 225 16 at 18, Dash 40 yards in 4.9 at 6'3 218. Mirin? Ik u do OP

  • Strength: Resilient, Independent, Loving
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, Distrustful, Procrastinator

  • I'm super good looking - tall dark (haired) and handsome.
    I'm super strong, but not buff (unfortunately).
    I'm very kind.
    I'm a natural born leader.
    I'm violent.
    I'm very discerning and sharp.
    I dress well.
    I ooze real class.
    The good and bad - all of it - I see it all.
    I'm patient.
    Everyone tells me I have good taste in music.
    I'm One In A Million.

  • A wannabe bad boy... because it gets you women? Sorry but bad boys and women should be utterly condemned. We should promote peace and kindness towards all living beings and strive to remove the dominance hierarchy as much as possible.

    Women generally pronounce the hierarchy and do drama which creates a bad situation. It's no wonder that queens have always been more aggressive and warlike than kings and that they commit the majority of violence (at least in the homes). They also cause the majority of mental violence and social disharmony.

    Men have mostly always been promoters of peace and knowledge. Women and their bad boys are disgusting.