Why do people need to bring drunk to have fun?

I hate that my friends get so drunk that they can't function. It ruins the entire night. Someone always makes a fool of themself or needs to go home and people just laugh it off like they didn't mess up the night for other people.


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  • I used to think the same thing as I live on campus at college and don't drink due to being a type 1 diabetic. Often people don't even remember half the nights but I think its just like drinking and going out clubbing is the main social activity for college students. When you think about it the cost of alcohol is very cheap if you just pre-drink before going out and don't buy much at the clubs and there isn't really any other fun social activities students can go to late at night.
    Whilst it's kinda sad whilst drugs have bad effects overall when you are on them they make you feel good and alcohol is the most commonly accessible legal drug there is.


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