Guys, What do you think?

It's been two weeks now, I noticed that my guy friend usually tells me that he loves me and then say after that he was just kidding or he said because it pumped into his head, yesterday he told that he can kiss me and not let anyone kiss me... what is wrong with him? I'm confused right now


What Guys Said 2

  • he wants you

  • Whats the confusion? Do you like him?

    • A little bit, but we usually talk through texts so I usually ask myself, if he really likes me he will probably tell me but not online, in real life

    • He likely won't. He text those thing and gages your response. If you show no intrest in more then friendship, he isn't going to take the expected rejection until he becomes desperate.

      If you want more, you will need to either be more flirtatious with your responses or make the first move

    • Alriiight thanks for your help !