I really like him but he just seems to be jumping from girl to girl?

Me and this guy dated for half year and he fell in love with me but I don't know we messed it up, well I messed it up but it's not all my fault. I called the shots I don't know what happened, okay I really like him and that doesn't happen often. It was special. He was a mess when I left and jumped right into a relationship (while he was trying to flirt with me but I had to ignore him obviously?) that did not last long. Even though it broke my heart a little I was still hoping we'd end up together somehow. While he was in a relationship I did everything I could to pretend I didn't like him, I completely ignored him but it didn't work in the end. Well now that he is single I had my hopes up but he already has another girl on his arm unless it's just a friend I don't know.. He is that kind of guy whose never alone. I know it sounds really bad but he was in love with me isn't that different? We don't talk as I have ignored him but he still greet me so kindly. I don't know what to do. Thing is that when I decide to move on I move on like for good there is no going back but I am keeping my hopes up in this case which is why I'm stuck and this is a guy I really like. Any advice please?


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