Im weak in English, can someone please explain the meaning of this poem?

My ex girlfriend posted this poem on her instagram, if anyone can tellme the meaning of this poem i would be so much thankful... please help me.
You still what she is doing,
if she sleeps well or get scared in her dreams
if she wears levander or wears jasmine
if she is still too innocent to believe every human being
if her eyes will still shine to see you again
dont wonder so much
after you left, she was never the same.

Does she mean that she is over me when she said "if her eyes will still shine to see you again"?
is she over me?
the title she gave to this poem was "LOST LOVE"
please help me guys :(.

1st line is "You still wonder what she is doing,"


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  • There's a few errors in this poem.
    However, the meaning I am getting from this is that this woman is wondering if the guy thinks about her, as much as she thinks of him.
    She lists examples: Do you know if she sleeps well or if she's afraid in her dreams? Does she wear jasmine or lavender? etc. she asks herself questions because she's wondering.
    She speaks about how she would be excited to see this man again, he has left such an impact on her life, that she feels she can no longer be herself because she still truly cares for him.

    • Hey thnx a ton for ur reply.. i just wana ask u..
      when a woman writes these kind of poems does she really loves the guy?
      and, does she really miss him?

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    • There's a lot of errors in this poem so it makes it harder to interpret. However , that is my interpretation of the poem ad stated before , that she isn't over you. I would try to speak with her to kill my curiosity.

    • *as stated before

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  • I'm not excellent in English too, but I can help you maybe.
    Yes, yes I think. She's still in love with you. From that poem, I know that she's sad.
    I think this poem is for herself. I guess, she miss her 'earlier life'. But I confused with the first line actually: you still what she IS DOING, it's not past then.

    • Oh, I have another opinion. If the 1st line is: You still wonder what she's doing, then it's exactly for 'another person' and probably it's mean she made it for you. She's still hoping. And the saddest part is the last one, "after you left, she was never the same". She misses you.

    • Yeah 1st line is you still wonder what she is doing..
      But she also said... if her eyes will shine to see u again... but after u left she was never the same...
      What does this mean? I interpret as if her eyes won't shine when she will see me... as if she doesn't wana see me...

    • Okay, now I have another opinion again. Yes, I think she's not sad, but she's mad at you. Because she wrote more than enough IF in that poem and I think, her purpose is to make you realize that she's okay now, she's different with her past life with you. She wants to make you understand that she doesn't need you anymore. Oh Man... I'm sorry to say all this thing. Be strong!

      But wait, it can be 'another version': See, she wrote that, so it's mean she still remember you (at least until she posted it), but maybe she's still remember you until now, and when a girl memorizing her past love again and again, it's possible she's still into you. Like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

      Okay, those are my hypothetic.

  • She's your EX-girlfriend, why do you care? If you DO still care, why not ask her yourself and try to get back with her?

  • Nope she is not over you but she's getting through the process right now which takes time until it's scared up and forgotten

    • Should i be worried that she is getting over me?

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    • Not really... if she contacts me.. i will jump all over her and will ask her out immediately and make a date.. ;)

    • Hahaha well I hope for you that she does tell you that she misses u a lot 😉

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