Is there difference between intereting and fun?

I recently went shooting and enjoied myself but I didn't have fun. I say this because it was an interesting experience and I feel like interesting and fun are two different things a you can enjoy yourself without having fun. My friend is fighting me saying otherwise. I want another opinion.


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  • They are different, I agree. If it was your first time, it was definitely interesting. Trying something new usually is, but it doesn't mean it is fun at the same time. Take this example:

    A few years ago I went fishing for the first time. Sitting there all day waiting for some dumb fish to bite was boring as hell, but it was still interesting to learn how to do it right. It's something that humans have been doing for a long time, so it's a part of our history. Learning about it was interesting.

    "Interesting" is more of an intellectual thing. It's more about knowledge. You learnt something and that was interesting for you.
    On the other hand, you can have fun throwing water balloons at people, but you don't learn much from it. You just have fun. See the difference? :)

    Say I'm sorry to your friend, but you win this time. Interesting and fun are two different things.
    Hope this helps. :)


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  • I agree with you. But to me, they usually happen simultaneously.


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